Lenticular Masterclass


Lenticular Masterclass teaches the art and technique of lenticular printing.

With tutorial videos, guides, and LOTS of example files, this digital course shows you, Step-by-Step, how to create your own lenticular prints!

Available now for $79.99!

You'll Learn:

  • Where to get materials to get started
  • How to make "flip" lenticular prints with 2, 3, or 4 photos
  • How to make "animated" lenticular prints from GIFs or multi-frame video sequences
  • How to make "3D" lenticular prints
  • Turn your Nishika, Nimslo and Reto photos into "3D" lenticular prints
  • History of lenticular printing
  • Discussion of different interlacing options
  • How to correctly align and laminate lenticular prints
  • How to run a "pitch test"
  • How to make your lenticular prints really pop and dazzle!! using the best materials and techniques
  • How lenticular printing relates to subjects like animation, painting, photography, cinema, art history, artificial intelligence, GIFs, NFTs, and more!

Do you take 3D lenticular photos with a Nishika N8000, Nimslo or Reto 3D camera?

Have you ever wondered how those 3D holograms on postcards are made?

Do you make illustrations, digital art, videos or photographs?

Do you want to add a new DIMENSION to your practice?!

Learn Lenticular Now!

You'll become a stronger artist, a more knowledgeable student of photography and technology, and a more skilled craftsperson after taking this course!

This course is taught by Lenticular master printer Jared Hoffman. Jared is an artist and printer who spent years learning the intricacies of lenticulars. From his New York art studio, Jared brings 10 years of lenticular printing experience into this complete masterclass, that can take a novice up to proficiency, and eventually mastery.

Finished Examples

The complete masterclass digital package ($79.99) includes:

Step-by-step How-To video series with Instructor Jared Hoffman, walking the viewer through the entire process of lenticular printing for 3D, Animation, Flip, Color-Change lenticulars and more!

Screen-recordings of Jared's computer screen with walk-through digital set-ups for Lenticular prints, using Adobe Photoshop and free interlacing software, SuperFlip!.

Materials Guide for getting started with your lenticular printing set-up and links to where to buy materials.*

*Note 1: Materials! To make your own lenticular prints you'll need to have some tools like: a printer, photo paper, lenticular lens sheets, a hand-crank laminator and Adobe Photoshop. The Set-up cost is approximately $250 if you don't already have any of these. This Materials guide contains links for where to buy supplies for the best values (saves you LOTS of time and money!).

*Note #2: If you have a PC, that's ideal. I've included in this download a great, free PC-based interlacing software called SuperFlip!

If you have a Mac, you still do most of the process on Photoshop. Then you can run a "Virtual PC" on your Mac computer and use SuperFlip! just for the interlacing part.


UNLIMITED Access to Community Discord Channel to connect and socialize with the lenticular print community; share ideas, problem-solving, project photos (and whatever else you can think of!).

PDF Resource Guide with links to the best additional resources I've found over five years in the business of lenticular printing.

PDF Research Survey of Holography Technologies currently on the market and being researched. A great resource for anyone curious to learn about technologies of 3D visualization, virtual reality and holography.

BONUS video discussing how to connect lenticular technologies with NFTs to create "Phygital" (Physical + Digital) art. And we'll discuss using Machine Learning and AI.

BONUS video diving into the use of iPhone Video editing & effects apps to make content that you can then turn into stunning lenticular prints that dissolve, zoom, morph and much, much more!

This is an "animation" lenticular -- you can use just about ANY gif or Video and turn it into your very own Animated, Harry-Potter style magical print!

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Lenticular Printing Masterclass
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Lenticular Masterclass

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